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Business Resources

Business Tax Receipts – all new businesses in the city of Melbourne must have a BTR and keep it renewed annually. This is your #1 place to start. The link is to Melbourne’s city government website about the rules and application process. Business tax receipts are usually issued in one day, but there may be exceptions.

Career Source Brevard – find a job, post a job, get online learning

Destination Retailing – To truly be killing it in your world, you have customers that will drive over an hour away just to be your customer, and they will tell their friends. Are you a destination business?

Florida Restaurant & Lodging – everything about the hospitality industry in Central Florida.

Hotel/Restaurant – Any new restaurant or public lodging facility starting or changing ownership of a business is required to provide a temporary “receipt for license” from the State of Florida Division of Hotels & Restaurants prior to obtaining an Business Tax Receipt.

Landlord Tenant Law in Florida

Retail 101 – Running a retail business is hard. Here’s some basic ground rules.

Five Key Metrics of Retail – Take the test to check the health of your business.

Savvy Shopkeeper – Blog and other resources for successful retailing.

Score – Free Small Business mentoring, workshops, counseling, templates and more.

City Resources

Changes To Your Building – Contact the Community Development Department at or call (321) 608-7500.

Food Truck on Site – Currently, food trucks may not vend public property without the proper permitting; however, individual businesses may host a food truck on their private turf a limited times a year. CITY LINK

Permitting – Start by talking to a planner. Before you undergo construction of any kind, consult with a city planner first to see if a permit is required. Changes that are permitted may be reflected in the county property appraisal process which may effect the value of the property. Permits are also tracked by EGAD Main Street for tracking reinvestment statistics.

Rent The Square – Eau Gallie Square is owned and managed by the City of Melbourne/Parks & Recreation Department which is housed in the Eau Gallie Civic Center. The Square is a beautiful park with large oak trees and native plants is located on the corner of Highland Avenue and Eau Gallie Boulevard. This park boasts a small, lighted amphitheater/pavilion with electricity available (extra cost involved). The park has picnic tables, benches, paved brick walkways and electricity throughout. Please visit the Civic Center staff for complete details.

Signs, Flags & Murals – To have business signage, wave a business flag or paint a mural, you must seek approval from HARB, which meets monthly. The entire application process is now online here.

Special Activities Permits – To request an application for a special activity permit along with the special activity permitting procedures, send an e-mail to or contact the City Clerk’s Office at (321) 608-7220. Please indicate if you are conducting a business promotion (placement of a banner, inflatable sign, temporary sign, tent or food truck). Applicants for a business promotion have the ability to complete a one-page application to apply for a permit.

Zoning – Zoning provides the regulations that apply to land and structures in the City of Melbourne. The City of Melbourne has numerous zoning districts and each one has a list of permitted uses for building setbacks, densities, and heights. You will want Zoning assistance if you want to learn about the zoning of your property, how to change it, what’s allowed within your zoning district, information on setbacks and more exciting late-night reading. The most direct way to find information on a particular property is to search by the address of the property or by the seven-digit tax account number (TA #) on the Brevard County Tax Appraiser Office.

The Melbourne Zoning Code is located in Part III, Appendix B of the City of Melbourne Code of Ordinances.

FAQs – Not sure what’s required? Check this out.

EGAD Logo– What’s up with that? Thanks for asking! We love our logo. The shape comes from the original Eau Gallie survey plat from 1860. The colors come from photographs of the Indian River lagoon, our gorgeous sunsets (even purple) and green spaces. The letters are, well, obvious, and we fool your eye with the shape so we can respect the border formed by the river. That little red triangle is a sailboat. Eau Gallie was the second city formed in Brevard County, after Rockledge.

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