The Value of Main Street

A 57% increase in tax incremental funding since 2010

JOBS…..A revitalized district attracts new industry and strengthens service and retail job markets.

TAXES…..Revitalization stabilizes and improves the area’s tax base, while also protecting existing investments.

PRESERVES IDENTITY…..In a healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain their historic buildings and preserve an important part of the community’s heritage.

COMMUNITY PRIDE…..Main Street creates a new place for people from all over to gather, create new partnerships, and celebrate their downtown.

Our Impact

  • EGAD received its Florida Main Street designation in 2010 when vacancy on Highland Avenue was around 30 percent. EGAD has received a total private investment of $1.3 million between new construction and renovations of existing buildings and we have a demand for space and need development to create new space.

  • The total public (city and state) investment is well over $2 million, including streetscaping (bike racks, trash cans, benches, street banners, wayfinding signage and street banners), improved curbs and sidewalks, and highway signage—for a total $3.2 million in combined reinvestment in the district.

  • The creation of an Outdoor Museum that has installed over 30 murals, one mosaic and multiple sculptures through private donations that has attracted thousands of people traveling from as far away as China.

  • EGAD is included in Brevard County’s top 12 places to visit and is consistently included in the best things to do in Brevard. See PRESS.

  • Over 45 new businesses have brought in over 300 new employees.

  • Wayfinding signage and new printed walking map.

  • Recipient of a Florida Humanities grant that included EGAD in the state-sponsored app for a walking audio history tour. Download the FLORIDA STORIES app on your phone.

  • Façade improvements grants through the city.

  • Rezoning efforts that effected height restrictions and food trucks.

  • EGAD Main Street has been awarded over $22,000 in state and local grants and our program has received a dozen Florida State Main Street awards.