About the Eau Gallie Arts District

A 501c3 Non Profit, Main Street Organization 

ESTABLISHED IN 2010, EGAD is an accredited Florida Main Street program, which is a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation over 50 years ago, Main Street is a national movement to help local volunteers revitalize their neighborhood business districts. EGAD has one executive director and a Board of Directors that conduct the work through four committees, along with a passionate army of volunteers.

Preserving the past. Safeguarding the future.

So many things are happening right now to further develop south Brevard’s oldest riverfront community into the area’s centerpiece for arts, shopping, dining and entertainment. With a 4 star hotel and public parking garage on the horizon, the dye is cast for EGAD to grow. Today, the EGAD area is red hot with commercial property values skyrocketing and developers from other markets looking hard at the possibilities. EGAD works to honor the area’s legacy while tempering growth with appropriate development and a creative expression.

A four pronged approach to searching Eau Gallie.

EGAD’s main functions are accomplished using the Main Street Four Point Approach®:

How we look to feel safe, draw people, and build pride

The design committee focuses on the overall design and physical condition of the district.  It seeks to create a safe, inviting environment for shoppers, workers, and visitors while preserving the historic character of the area.  An appealing atmosphere conveys a positive message about the commercial district. We encourage smart rehabilitation and appropriate new construction and educating and safeguarding the overall branding of the arts district, its events, print collateral and all things visible.  

How we build internal capacity and external stakeholders

The organization committee establishes consensus and cooperation by building partners among the various groups that have a stake in the arts district. Our goal is to collaborate among these stakeholders to provide a stable base of members, sponsors and volunteers to grow a strong community.

How we increase traffic to the district for fun and business

The promotion committee tells EGAD’s story to the surrounding area. The promotion committee is instrumental in planning various events in the arts district throughout the year.  Please let us know if you’re interested in being on the notification list for meetings.

How we grow and retain, recruit and attract new business

The economic vitality committee works to strengthen the district’s economic assets while diversifying its economic base.  It focuses on business attraction and retention to provide a balanced commercial mix the market can support. Our goal is to build a commercial district that responds to the needs of today’s consumers while maintaining the community’s historic character.  

EGAD’s IMPACT Since 2010

EGAD received its Florida Main Street designation in 2010 when vacancy on Highland Avenue was around 30 percent. EGAD has received a total private investment of $1.3 million between new construction and renovations of existing buildings and we have a demand for space and need development to create new space.

  • The total public (city and state) investment is well over $2 million, including streetscaping (bike racks, trash cans, benches, street banners, wayfinding signage), improved curbs and sidewalks, and highway signage—for a total $3.2 million in combined reinvestment in the district.
  • The creation of an Outdoor Museum that has installed over 30 murals through private donations that has attracted thousands of people traveling from as far away as China.
  • EGAD is included in Brevard County’s top 12 places to visit.
  • Over 45 new businesses have brought in over 300 new employees.
  • Volunteers have devoted over 16,000 hours on EGAD initiatives.
  • EGAD Main Street has been awarded over $22,000 in state and local grants and our program has received a dozen state main street awards
  • Newly branded EGAD logo street banners

EGAD is a community-based DIY model

EGAD is an accredited, award-winning Florida Main Street program, along with about 50 other historic downtowns in Florida. This program benefits EGAD by:

  • Including membership in National Main Street America™ and allowing participation in the national network of more than 1,200 communities who share both a commitment to creating places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.
  • using the Main Street Four Point Approach® of Design, Organization, Economic Vitality, and Promotion to create and promote a positive downtown experience for residents, businesses, and visitors.

How EGAD is funded

The CRA that helped to fund EGAD for ten years, twilighted in the fall of 2021. Yet because the City of Melbourne supports EGAD’s efforts to promote and support the redevelopment vision, they have continued partial EGAD funding through a grant.

One of the goals of the EGAD Main Street organization is to reach financially autonomy. While events and fundraisers helped EGAD progress towards that goal, the pandemic that hit early 2020 was a major setback. EGAD resources were depleted when everything shut down….memberships, events, and other initiatives that helped to support the Main Street program were all stopped in their tracks.

Early in 2022, EGAD began to rebuild starting with a new Executive Director and a new Board of Directors. While fundraising efforts began as early as Q1 of the restart year, EGAD is looking to local businesses and merchants, residents and artists, corporations and organizations, and individuals with a passion for the arts district to help support the mission. This is done through:

Fundraising Events

  • Annual Membership Dues
  • Public and Private Grants
  • Individual Donations
  • Projects and Services